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Mad Trapper Trail Beer Mile
presented by "Broadhead Brewery"
Mad Trapper Trail Beer Mile
There are some things you shouldn't do while drinking beer...

Trail Running ISN'T One of Them!
2pm June 24, 2017
at "The Ark"
The Rules are Simple
  • Drink (chug) a beer (supplied by the Mad Trapper)
  • Run a relatively easy 400m trail loop
  • Don't Hurl
  • REPEAT 4x
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Trail Beer Mile Challenge

The “Beer Mile” is a racing event rapidly growing in popularity across North America. But a typical beer mile is performed on a 400m track. The world record was just set last year on a track in a time of 4:57.

We won't see a time anywhere close to that here.

As you know, nothing about the Mad Trapper Races are typical. There are literally twists and turns to every challenge that one has to experience before finishing. That is just one reason why Mad Trapper races are so fun and exciting. 

So we’ve laid out a 400m challenging, technical trail racing loop here at The Ark, which now comprises 1/4 of the Trail Beer Mile. But the only difference between our trail beer mile and all other beer miles is the terrain. Otherwise we follow all the standard beer mile rules as listed on www.beermile.com

Racers will start by chugging a 355ml Broadhead Beer. Showing the can is empty by holding inverted over their head, they will head out to race the 400m loop. This sequence will be repeated 4 times for a total of 4 beers consumed and 1600m (one mile) run! 

Although belching is allowed, and encouraged, should a racer vomit at any point of the course they are penalized by running one additional 400m lap. 

Are you MAD ENOUGH for some beer mile trail racing????

Are You Mad Enough?

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Last year’s Trail Beer Mile was an exceptionally popular event, and we had a few onlookers who really wanted to competed but the idea of quaffing 4 beers in under half an hour was simply too daunting.

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